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Living up to our mission of "Going Green", our facilities are dedicated to the preservation of the environment.

Give your kids a green home that will create a positive impact on the environment and reveal its worth with time. At Mohan Group, we build keeping in mind the short and long-term impacts our projects can have on the environment. We amalgamate state-of-the-art technology and design to create living spaces that will leave a green footprint. We provide you with energy-efficient homes that reduce energy and water consumption, delivering positive returns to you and mother nature at the same time. All our projects have been dotted with various environment-friendly amenities like


State-of-the-art features to make

Sustainable Ecosystem


We at Mohan Group aim at conserving biology and are settling on choosing an on-site nursery that benefits you and your family. What is an on-site nursery? Think of it as your farm; a garden where you can grow your very own fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables.

What is the difference between the food you grow to the food that is readily available in a market? Within your premises, the fruits and vegetables that you cultivate are guaranteed to possess a higher amount of supplements and nutrients, as compared to the product that travels a few thousand miles to arrive at your local market. Thus, sustaining yourself on your produce is a healthier alternative that you can adapt to. Along with that, you get the assurance of a chemical and pesticide-free produce, acting as a double benefit that gives your health an extra advantage it requires and reduces the rate of contamination to the environment; not forgetting the fact that it also weights easier on your wallet.

With all the fruits and vegetables that you will be cultivating for yourself, there is bound to be an equal amount of green waste that would be produced as well in the form of peels and other components. However, the green waste can be reused and transformed into compost, thereby acting as the foundation upon which you can begin the production cycle all over again. Thereby, you would be taking your step towards the preservation of the environment. At Mohan Group, we encourage each and every family who wishes to make use of our on-site nursery to utilize new and creative ways of cultivating their produce. In this way, we are capable of continuing our mission of “Going Green”.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Every household generates its amount of wastage that needs to be disposed of correctly. With a proper chemical, physical and biological procedure, further problems can be avoided. With this initiative in mind, we at Mohan Group have our very own sewage treatment plant, i.e. STP, in place to take care of the sewage waste generated, thereby processing it for land application.

How do we go about such a process with our projects? It’s simple!

As sewage water is pumped to the STP through pipes and pumps, it goes through the following basic processes:

Primary Treatment: During the first stage of treatment, the solids are separated from the sewage, settling down at the base of the primary settlement tank. Through an anaerobic process, the sludge’s volume is continuously reduced, resulting in a total mass that is marginally reduced in comparison to the original sludge that has entered the system.

Secondary Treatment: Since the liquid that is taken from the primary treatment process mostly contains dissolved and particulate biological matter, it undergoes an aerobic treatment. Here, by the process of introducing indigenous, water-borne aerobic microorganisms and bacteria which digest the pollutants, the liquid is converted into clean water. This water, in most cases, can then be discharged directly into the river.

Tertiary Treatment: At the end of the second stage, the sludge is removed at regular intervals with the help of a tanker, thereby taken for further processing via anaerobic processes to be disposed of or to be re-used. The treated water can then be discharged into a stream, river, bay, lagoon, or wetland, or it can be used for the irrigation of a greenway or park. If it is sufficiently clean, it can also be used for groundwater recharge, car cleaning, or agricultural purposes.

Energy Saving Lighting Fixtures

We at Mohan Group are settling on the choice to move to energy-saving light bulbs like LEDs and CFLs bulbs around each home that we provide and nearby gardens. This choice has numerous advantages because, as the name recommends, it utilizes much less energy, thereby helping you save money on your monthly power bill. Another advantage to changing to these bulbs is the fact that it helps the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore, contributing to the reduction of global warming.

Light-Emitting Diodes (LED): LED lights have been touted as the most renowned invention thing in the artificial lighting market. They have the potential to surpass conventional lighting equipment in terms of energy effectiveness and lifespan.
LEDs are extremely durable and built with sturdy components that are very tough and can withstand even the roughest conditions.
Since LED lights are resistant to shock, vibrations, and outer effects, they make extraordinary outdoor lighting systems for harsh conditions and exposure to weather, wind, rain, or even external vandalism.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs): To start with, CFLs utilize fundamentally less energy; 75% less energy than standard glowing lights. That implies CFLs require less wattage to create an equal measure of light. For instance, you could utilize a 20-watt CFL and appreciate the indistinguishable measure of light from a 75-watt incandescent.
As mentioned above, CFLs can spare a lot of energy. This converts into some serious cost savings as well.

Water Saving Plumbing Fixtures

Many consider water to be an inexhaustible source, therefore being careless in terms of its usage, leading to massive amounts of wastage. To combat this wastage, we at Mohan Group have come up with an initiative to save water from our end so that future generations may find their uses for it as well. We have achieved this goal by introducing water-saving plumbing fixtures like low-flow showerheads and dual-flush toilets.

Like many other people, you may have a showerhead that gives you a very satisfying experience but uses a massive amount of water. To avoid this problem, we have installed low-flow showerheads that offer a satisfying shower while using up a minimum amount of water.

Customary showers flow at 15 to 20 liters of water per minute (LPM) or much more, while our low flow showerhead typically flows at 6-8 liters of water per minute (or less!). Without any compromise on the rinse-ability, these showers are intended to guarantee great water flow all through the day. When you reduce your water necessity along these lines, you likewise decrease your requirement for water heating, hence helping you spare energy in the meantime.

Along with that, we have installed dual flush toilet systems within each household, each that can be operated by two buttons. The first button gives a short flush and the other button operates the full flush. The short flush is intended to expel liquids, leaving the long flush in the double flush system to manage the flushing ceaselessly of solids. This system has the additional advantage of utilizing fundamentally less water, even when a full flush has to be utilized.

Green Surroundings

Green spaces are an extraordinary advantage to our environment. They channel toxins and residue from the air, give shade and lower temperatures in urban areas, and even decrease the disintegration of soil into our waterways.

Looking at all the problems that our environment is facing along with the health of the city and the people in it being our priority, we at Mohan Group provide green and open spaces to improve the urban environment. Our main aim of having open green areas is to provide sustainable living spaces, ease the development pressure for economic growth and add life to the surrounding environment.

Green, open spaces likewise give the perfect way for groundwater reviving, rainwater harvesting, and setting up solar panels to produce uninterrupted sustainable energy. The proven health advantages of green open spaces also mean lower healthcare bills for residents, apart from the fact that both senior citizens and kids live more vivacious, and therefore, happier lives.

This adds to the advantage of their well-being and diminishes the feelings of anxiety of the normal city tenant. Innovative play areas in nature are vital for youngsters to upgrade their social abilities and fixation. Trees in our parking lot help reduce on-site heat buildup, decrease runoff and enhance night-time cooldowns. It also removes smoke, dust, and other pollutants from the air. With the idea of open green spaces, we want to provide healthy habitats for our residents, wildlife, and plants in these densely built places. We offer our residents open spaces in the form of parks, gardens, jogging tracks, children’s playgrounds, and a lot more.

Larger Water Bodies

Visualize this; you have chosen to live the current chapter of your life in an urban setting. Each morning and evening, you make your commute from your home to your office and back. However, at this point, the commute is the part of the day that you dread the most. The pollution caused by industries, factories, cars, and trucks doesn’t make it any easier on your health. You can't get rid of the traffic, but wouldn't we all want to come back home away from all these problems and feel like Heaven? This is where green open space and large artificial water bodies come into the picture. We at Mohan Group have decided on making artificial large water bodies like lakes and ponds and open green spaces available for you and your family’s well-being. How much of a difference does this make to your life? Think of it this way; if you had to make a choice between contentment and dissatisfaction, which option would you prefer? Simple, isn’t it? It’s the exact same way when you choose to move into an abode that resides in the lap of nature itself.

Being surrounded by such spaces offers privacy and tranquillity by screening out busy street noises and reducing glare from headlights, strengthens your immune system, gives you better sleep, increases your white blood cell count, lengthen your life, and also helps lower blood pressure. Living in proximity to such spaces also reduces muscle tension related to stress, improves attention, and reduces feelings of fear and anger or aggression.

At Mohan Group, we have dedicated ourselves throughout the years to the service of our residents, ensuring that they receive nothing but the most premium standards of living.

Solid Waste Management

Waste Management is about how solid waste can be recycled and utilized as a profitable resource. Solid waste management ought to be grasped by every single family, including entrepreneurs over the world. Though industrialization has brought a boon to the modern world, the production of solid waste still lies as a detriment to its progress.

At Mohan Group, we plan townships that are self-reliant and eco-friendly in terms of waste management. Our projects consist of a waste management system with compost cages and volunteers who possess knowledge about the three-bin door-to-door segregation model. We follow the mantra to not mix waste because we believe that once it is done, it cannot be fixed. Treating wet waste in a safe and controlled manner makes our society much greener. With the end goal of protecting our environment and ensuring that the coming generation has clean air to breathe, our societies have a weighing machine, a shredder, and mesh technology to help recycle dry waste, counting on the aid of local NGOs as well while taking care of the wet waste through composting.

To realize this significant goal, we use the manure generated from organic waste in our gardens. Treating waste at its source is fundamental in light of the fact that repetitive flames at the city's dumping grounds in 2015 and 2016 were caused by unsegregated lethal rubbish catching flame owing to high methane content, as per the civic body. Under the SWM rules, all gated communities and foundations with more than 5,000 square meters of territory will isolate waste and source and process, treat and dispose of biodegradable waste through fertilizing the soil or biomethanation inside the premises as much as possible.

Rainwater Harvesting

Water, water everywhere, and yet, not a drop to drink. In megalopolises like Mumbai, torrential rains cause flooding in the monsoon, while in the summer, the scarcity of water assumes behemoth proportions. In such unpredictable situations, Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) is the most equitable and effective way to secure the water needs of the future.

At Mohan Group, we plan townships that are self-reliant in terms of water and energy. We try to make our projects ecologically viable and sustainable by installing storage tanks, cisterns, and small reservoirs for harvesting rainwater, the most efficient and accessible method of collecting water.

To realize this significant goal, we have integrated rainwater harvesting, an easy and economical way to conserve water, into the concept of our green buildings.

In Mumbai, for instance, if the average rainfall is up to 200mm, our RWH facilities boast around 70% harvesting efficiency. We make it possible by capturing rainwater from catchment areas like rooftops, open spaces, and driveways. Water is driven to larger storage facilities like barrels, tanks, cisterns, and ponds through a mesh of pipelines. We endeavor to scale down the dependence on aging water sources and water supply by the municipal bodies. We desire to build communities within our townships that derive self-reliance through our water conservation efforts.

Making residential arenas ecologically sustainable as well as viable, our effort is to value-add to the lives of the people. Any unforeseen water demands can be met with the backup source of rainwater, eliminating the need to pay bills levied for the same by municipal bodies. In green projects developed by Mohan Group, the adjacent gardens and green spaces are maintained and replenished using stored rainwater. We have taken our conservation efforts a notch higher to accomplish our beautification drive. A pond to store the excess rainwater has been turned into a serene spot, where one can walk, exercise, and spend quality time with their families.

Hybrid Ecosystem

In every household, water is utilized in a number of ways, after which it is disposed of in the form of wastewater. However, wastewater also contains its own variations. For example, greywater is residential wastewater from kitchen sinks, dishwashers, and clothes washers, and may incorporate family unit cleaning items and sustenance particles. Blackwater alludes to water utilized in toilets that contains human faecal matter. Altogether, 50 to 80% of water utilized in homes is recyclable. Greywater, and significantly blackwater, can be occupied and treated through a filter system, after which it can be further used to irrigate residential, commercial, and agricultural landscapes.

More than 1.3 billion people lack access to clean drinking water. Thus, we at Mohan Group are taking an initiative to save water for our future generations, as we all know the kind of water shortage our Mother Earth is facing. Our main aim towards recycling water is to use lesser water resources, irrigate the gardens during drought, and mainly cut down on the amount of water pollution going into waterways. We make sure to treat water to an extent so that it can be cleaner and safer to use than tap water.

The average four-person single-family home uses more than 20,000 gallons of water per month, half of which is utilized for landscape irrigation. Consider this, clean drinking water being sprayed on dirt! A similar family utilizes almost 3,000 gallons of water every month to flush toilets; talk about good water going bad!

Our recycling systems decrease families municipal water use by half to 70% with a comparative decrease in their water bill. Of greater importance is the fact that the family is doing their utmost to preserve one of our most important natural resources! By utilizing our systems, the water turns into a reusable resource rather than a one-time commodity. Take relaxing showers without feeling guilty, safe in the knowledge that the water you're utilizing today will irrigate your yard and garden tomorrow.

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